All That I Saw tells the story of the disruption of the comfortable life of a Hungarian family by World War II and its aftermath, and of Hungary's slide into totalitarian rule as a Communist satellite under the Soviet Union.

Csicsery's firsthand accounts of life in postwar Hungary and of surviving both forced labor and prison set up the defining moment of his life: the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. The revolution's popular rejection of the Soviet system shook the world, and when it was crushed, more than two hundred thousand Hungarians, including the author, left Hungary to seek their futures in Western countries. The stories of the author's harrowing escape from Hungary with his bride, their immigration to the United States, and the creation of a new life as a scientist in a welcoming country provide timely lessons for the conflicts over refugees and immigration that dominate the early 21st century.

All That I Saw becomes a compelling testament to the enduring value and meaning the human soul can derive from pursuing the beauty and challenges of the wilderness.

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