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May 1, 2021: In a review in May 2021 (pdf) published in the American Mathematical Society's Notices of the Zala Films DVD, Erdős 100 Plus, San José State University Professor Emeritus Dan Golston remarks that the interviews included in the collection are fascinating. "The DVD makes the life of Paul Erdős visible and is a time capsule of 20th century mathematics and mathematicians and how the world changed during that century," says Goldston. The film compilation of 10 videos totaling 180 minutes is available for purchase as a DVD on the Zala Films website or for streaming at Vimeo on Demand.

November 24, 2019: Erdős 100 Plus will screen at the Filmfestival Mathematik Informatik 2019 at the Karlstorkino in Heidelberg, Germany, on Sunday, November 24, at 7:30 p.m. Dr. Felix Gunther of the Technical University Berlin Institute of Mathematics will introduce the film. Click here for festival details.

December 2018: Read a review of Erdos 100 Plus from Video Librarian.

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