László Babai
Béla Bollobás
Ronald Graham
András Hajnal
Vera T. Sós
Endre Szemerédi
László Lovász
Jacques Verstraete
Peter Lax

From "N is a Number"
Paul Erdős
Fan Chung
Anne Davenport
Peter Dolan
Tibor Gallai
Lady Bertha Jeffreys
Tomász Luczak
Joel Spencer
Márta Svéd
Herbert Wilf
Peter Winkler

And various
Epsilons and their parents

Produced and directed by
George Paul Csicsery

John Giannini
John Sharaf
Skip Sweeney

John Knoop
("N is a Number")

Edited by
Kyung Lee & Tal Skloot

Music by
Mark Adler

Audio recording
Patty Sharaf
Mark Wotton

Production Assistants
Chris Doorley
Asali Echols
Kristi Whisler

Film to Digital Transfers
John Carlson

Random graph graphics
Nicolas Broutin

Photo of Tim Gowers
C. J. Mozzochi, Princeton, N. J.

Excerpts from "N is a Number"
George Csicsery

Dancing Saints icon mural
by Mark Dukes, St. Gregory of Nyssa, San Francisco

Funded by
The desJardins/Blachman Fund

Sponsored by
San Francisco Film Society

© 2004- George Csicsery