Songs Along a Stony Road

The Co-producer

Songs Along A Stony Road is a co-production with Dutch filmmaker Chris Teerink. His interest in Transylvanian music started with a desire to trace the roots of Béla Bartók’s original musical research in the region in the early 20th century. Chris worked as cinematographer and editor on the film.

CHRIS TEERINK (born in the Netherlands in 1966) is a filmmaker and editor living and working in Amsterdam. He studied visual art at the Academy for Art and Industry (Enschede) and documentary filmmaking at the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam. His films include ‘Ceci n’est pas une voiture’ (short, 1991); ‘Exil’ (short, 1995); ‘Amstelland’ (short, 1996); ‘Life and Death in an American desert’ (short, 2002); ‘Mojave’ (short, 2004); ‘Living Here’ (short, 2005, co-dir Sarah Payton); ‘In the Shadow of the Light’ (2007, co-dir Sarah Payton).

Chris Teerink
Albatrospad 134
1021 TR Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Songs Along a Stony Road
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