The Thursday Club


Dominique Arotzarena
Herb Coffman
Donald Discher
Booker Ealy
Charles Engel
Jeri Escobar
Robert Ford
Terence Green
Jerry Harris
Terry K. Lewis
Henry Minter
Judith Murray
Jack Richardson
Michael Smith
Gil Souza
Harry Strelo
Hadwick A. Thompson
Hadwick C. Thompson
Michele Thompson


Roy Anderson
Robert Boell
Bill Fugler
Myron Hanson
Cliff Heanes
Jim "Okie" Lollar
James D. Lenzen. Jr.
Allan Lowe
Patrick Mahanay
John Arnold Owen
Phyllis Padrnos
Larry Padrnos
Lee Pelley
Trude Pelley
Richard Randall
Donald Reed
Mrs. Helen Souza
Anna Strelo
R. E. Thistlewaite
Stan Vares
Edlina Walrath

And all the members of
The Thursday Club

Produced and directed by
George Paul Csicsery

Godofredo "G" Dizon
Ashley James
Hilary Morgan

Sound Recordists
Sara Chin
Tonia Hafter
Claudia Katayanagi
Michael Munson
Saul Rouda

Additional cinematography
(Kursk sequence)
Berry Minott

Original Music
Bob Johns

Tal Skloot

Sound Supervisor
Larry Oatfield

Assistant Editor
Benjamin Thornton

Sound Effects Editor
Noah Davis

Editorial consultants
Sally Haskovec-Espinoza
Scott Mahoy
Chris Teerink

Interview with George Csicsery
directed by
Molly Walker

Film to tape
John Carlson
Anne O'Toole
Monaco Laboratories

Color correction, credit roll, and audio layback
Video Arts/San Francisco

Archival materials

Pearl Harbor and Vietnam footage
courtesy of
Absolutely Archives

"Black Panther"
courtesy of
California Newsreel

1960s Berkeley street riot footage by
Paul Aratow and Russ Watkins
excerpted from "Let's Get It Over With" by
George Csicsery

Excerpts from "Berkeley in the Sixties"
courtesy of
Mark Kitchell

Aerial combat and Chief Gain
press conference film courtesy of
Oddball Film + Video

Excerpts from "Officer Survival"
courtesy of
The Oakland Police Department

Still photographs

Marcia Eymann
The Oakland Museum of California
Oakland Tribune Collection
A gift of ANG Newspapers

The Oakland History Room
Oakland Public Library

Photos of San Quentin by Jo Roettger

Berkeley Barb
Courtesy of Raquel Scherr

Photo of Martin Luther King
By Helen Nestor

Stop the Draft Week photo by
Associated Press

Family photos and clippings
Herbert Coffman
Don Discher
Robert Ford
Hadwick A. Thompson
Hadwick C. Thompson
Michele Thompson
Helen Souza and Cathy Moniz

Reporter voices
Bill Glanting
Zack Stern

Music composed and orchestrated by
Bob Johns

Roland FP-3 keyboard
Bob Johns

Alto flute
Carl Johns

Tenor sax
Lenny Levy

Electric guitar
Anthony Mancuso

Al Molina

Acoustic guitar
Greg Pratt

Post Production Sound Services by
Skywalker Sound
a Lucasfilm Ltd. Company
Marin County, California

Narration recording by
Anne Allison
San Francisco Soundworks

Consulting humanities scholars
Phil McArdle
Raquel Scherr
Peter Dale Scott
Charles L. Silver

Archival footage research
John Giannini

Assistant to the producer
Caroline Beghelli

Funded by

California Council for the Humanities

Oakland Cultural Affairs Commission

City of Oakland Cultural Arts Department

KTOP, Channel 10, Oakland

Sponsored by
Film Arts Foundation

Special thanks to
Harold Adler
Sarah Ashcroft
Lt. Paul Berlin, OPD
David Brown
Bill Caldwell
Robert Chehoski
Kate Coleman
Diane Curry
Larry Daressa
John Dowd
Cheryl Fabio-Bradford
Barbara Fisher
Carlos Gonzales, OPD
Richard Griffoul
Cydney C. Hill
Lora Hirschberg
Ashley James
Loyce Kelley
Aimee Klask
John Knoop
Marissa LaMagna
Steven Lavoie
Susana Loza
Charles Luckey
Norah Molina
Phyllis Padrnos
Ellice Parker
Stephen Parr
George Phillips, OPD
Ron Riesterer
Michelle Rose
Thomas Sanchez
Gail Silva
Sharon Silva
Mrs. Lily Thompson
Re-Cheng Tsang
Molly Walker
David O. Weissman
Chief Richard Word

KTOP, Channel 10, Oakland

The Oakland Police Department

Oakland Police & Fire Retirement Association

The Clambucket

Harry's Hofbrau, San Leandro

San Leandro Rifle & Pistol Range

"The Thursday Club"
George Paul Csicsery
All Rights Reserved

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