A ballet by John McFall
featuring Betsy Erickson and Vane Vest
of the San Francisco Ballet

10 minutes, color / sound

Produced by Ellen Kutten
Directed by George Csicsery

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Inspired by the undulations of sea anemones, Tealia was originally choreographed by John McFall for the
San Francisco Ballet in 1977.
A sensuously sculpted pas de deux,
Tealia is set to the Neptune suite from Gustav Holst's The Planets.

"My interest was to convey a rather mystical dimension, using underwater images to help
achieve it," said McFall.

Dance Magazine found the dance
"languidly exotic... This fluidly mysterious ballet presents lineal patterns of
great beauty."

Cine Golden Eagle, 1977
Moscow International Film Festival, 1977
Hyères International Film Festival, 1977
San Francisco International Film Festival, 1977
Besançon, France, 1978

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