The Enchanted Mirror

Thanks to the following for
their participation

Ben Abramovice
Jared Anderson
Karen Arthur
Alison Ballard
Dick Belkin
Max Bender
Gilda Bieri
Eileen & Michael Carey
Harlan Ellison
Pem Farnsworth
Dr. William Fore
Cliff Gardner
Chuck Gingold
Stanley Greenberg
David Greene
Shyral Hancock
C. J. Hirshfield
Kathleen Jones
Ken Kelley
Tom Kersey
Marvin Koslow
Home For Jewish Parents
Donnie Nunley
The Padilla Family
Nelda & Pedro Palacios
Larry Robinson
Dr. Ted Schafer
The Scholz Family
Six O'clock News Band
The Tolui Family
Reginald Wilhite
Jack Valenti
Vladimir Zworykin

Michael Anderson

Sound Recording
Andrew Wiskes

Lighting and Camera Assistant
Michael Giovingo

Joegh Bullock

Research and Production Assistant
Juliet Bashore

Sound Mixing
Kristine Handwerk, Studio C

Armando Navarro

Lead Title
David Craig And Interformat

Cynthia Lebo

Second Unit Camera
Cathy Zheutlin
Tim Blascovich

Second Unit Camera Assistant
Deborah Hoffman

Video Consultants
David Swofford

Legal Counsel
Roberta Cairney

Production Assistants
Chris Anderson
Lucy Bruell
Heather Cogswell
Karl Cohen
Dan Gleich
Jutta Wagner-Saarni

Still Photos & Stock Footage
Courtesy Of
General Electric
Hollywood Book & Poster Co.
Matsushita Electric
(Panasonic / Quasar)
National Aeronautics And
Space Administration

"Let's Dance"
Performed by Benny Goodman

"Begin The Beguine"
Performed by Artie Shaw

Recordings Courtesy of
The Everest Record Group

Electronic Music by
Doug Mckechnie

Consulting Scholars
Richard Adler
Arthur Asa Berger
Paula Fass
Paul Robinson

Special thanks to the following
for their assistance

Richard L. Conner &
The Bethlehem Steel Corp.
J. C. Penny Store, Concord, Ca.
Let's Play Toy Store
Randy Mon Catering
Poor Richard's, Colma, Ca.
Dennis Shaw &
The Southland Corporation
Toys 'R' Us
Marilyn Werner & The Kenney Co.
For Plug-Lok

Edited by
George Csicsery

Produced by
Julene Bair

Directed by
George Csicsery & Julene Bair

This film was made possible in part by grants from
The California Public Broadcasting Commission,
The California Council for the Humanities,
and The National Endowment For The Humanities.

Produced in association with
Film Arts Foundation

Copyright 1981 Julene Bair.
All Rights Reserved.

Television: The Enchanted Mirror
©2008 George Paul Csicsery
All Rights Reserved

© 2004- George Csicsery