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Parents and siblings


I am a Christian. In the Bible big ability means big responsibility. So I hope he can use his gift very well. But he's a little bit lazy. He's brilliant, but a little lazy, so sometimes I hope he can be more diligent.

Seungae Ko, Ryan Ko’s mother




I think most of the time you just let them do whatever they're passionate about. Maybe sometimes give some guidance.

Yan Lin, Alex Zhai’s mother




The thing that I noticed that's sort of unique about Matt from my experience is he's so self motivated and very passionate about his interests. He doesn't have to be prodded to learn. In fact he has to be prodded to go to bed sometimes because he'll stay up all night reading or thinking about things or thinking about an algorithm.

Richard McCutchen, father of Matt McCutchen, 2006 USAMO winner




What we want to impress upon the parents is: this has to come from within. The parents themselves cannot push the kid to become interested or excited about something if the kid is more into something else. When your child is that excited about something positive, as parents you just join the ride.

Orlando Leung, father of Tedrick Leung




Many parents, we talk about how the children are so competitive, or we make it competitive for them. And they do get stressed out, but I don't see that in Arnav or his friends. A competition is like a get-together. They recognize each other's strength and really respect that. That is a very beautiful thing that I see among this group of children.

Moni Tripathy, mother of Arnav Tripathy




She likes to have friends. She’s always willing to help other students at school with Physics and math questions. She’s like any other normal kid. She likes Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings…

Liangqing Li, mother of Sherry Gong




What did I do that made him so good at math? I think he's one of the most non-stressed people about a math competition or a math test I've ever known. He thinks it's a game. He's never told to study, so if he studies it's because he's really curious or he finds it really interesting. I don't really do anything other than stay out of his way and I don't force him to do it.

Nitza Freeman, Zeb Brady’s mother




IMO is Yi’s dream. Ever since he knew there was an IMO he’s wanted to be part of it. Of course, we hope he can get a good score at the IMO and bring some medals to us.

Lizhong Shen, Yi Sun’s father