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I think there's a sense that these students are our students, they're American students and they represent something about our education system. We should all want them to do well just because it will represent our schools well to the world. And I think we can be fans just like we're fans of a sports team.

Alex Saltman, Deputy Team Leader, 2006 U.S. IMO team




Yi Sun is probably one of the brightest math students that I’ve worked with in about 30 years. He has a remarkable ability to reason abstractly, is very adept with extremely difficult, very challenging problems, and organizes his thinking very well. He’s probably become more fluent with the language of mathematics than any other student that I’ve ever worked with.

Joanne Mason, Yi Sun's math teacher, Harker School, San Jose, California




As early as middle school he already got a number of awards that separated him from the rest of the group. This boy has so much potential. All I needed to do was to expose him to as many competitions as possible so that he could experience it, and I was sure he would grow from there.

Misael Fisico,  Yi Sun’s math teacher,  Harker School



zeb teacher

In coaching, there's this thing that I like so much. If the student is interested, if you teach something and when they understand, you see the eyes, the expression on their face. It's quite amazing. You get so much joy out of it. Especially students like Zeb, when they understand, their eyes shine and you see that they got the point.

Ali Ekber Gurel, Zeb Brady’s math coach